3 great reasons to get your custom tees at Gameday Depot

Gameday Depot solves your custom t-shirt minimum quantity problem

When it comes to custom t-shirts, one of our specialties is solving the “minimum quantity” problem for customers who need custom tees but don't need a truckload of them. Our current clients include small business owners, web site owners, sports blogging networks, school clubs, churches, and other groups who need custom tees in small quantities, often even just one at a time.

How can you get custom tees without having to meet a minimum quantity requirement?


1. Use the Custom Quote Request Form if you have your own artwork or if you will eventually provide it. We'll get back to you as soon as we can with a quote.

Or . . .

2. Use the online design studio if you need help with artwork or if you are just looking for ideas, . (That site looks different, but it's still us. You will, however, have to register for an account (it's free) that is separate from the account at this www.gamedaydepot.com address. We're in the process of moving everything over here and integrating all of it, but we're not there yet.) You can simply create a design, save it to your account, and then notify us at customer.service@gamedaydepot.com.

That's it.


What is the “minimum quantity” problem? In a nutshell, the traditional way of printing custom t-shirts – screen printing – is a lot like printing newspapers. Setting up the job can take a long time and can be expensive, but if you’re printing a large quantity, it makes sense because of the economy of scale. The first shirt off the press is incredibly expensive because it incorporates the entire cost of the setup, but the second shirt splits the cost of the setup in half because it's allocated between two shirts, and so on and so on. The more you print, the cheaper each subsequent item costs until you get down to the actual cost of the garment and the ink. For this reason, screen printers generally require customers to purchase some fairly large minimum quantity for them to even consider printing the shirts. Otherwise, it's too expensive for everyone.

So what's the answer to the "minimum quantity" problem? Well, there's the traditional answer and the emerging answer. The traditional answer to the minimum quantity problem for t-shirts was heat transfers. The artwork was printed on some other medium and then transferred onto the shirt with heat. Basically, it was glued onto the garment. The problem with this is that after just a few washes and cycles in the dryer, the artwork started peeling off. We don’t use heat transfers for this reason.

At Gameday Depot, we get around the minimum quantity problem by utilizing an emerging technology called “direct to garment” printing. This digital printing process uses a high-technology modified inkjet printer to print directly onto the garment itself so the art becomes part of the fabric instead of being merely on top of it. Because the process doesn’t require the creation of screens, it allows us to print even a single shirt at a very reasonable cost. Direct to garment printing also has the added advantage of being able to print full color designs onto the garment. The number of colors does not increase the price at all.

How much does it cost? Prices start at $18.99 for one print of a full color design on a dark garment, but prices can drop dramatically depending on the color of the garment and whether your design requires white ink. White or light garments with no white ink can even be competitive with screen printing prices, even in small quantities. If you have an order that is more appropriate for screen printing, we can help you with that as well.