Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How soon do you ship my order after I place it?

A1: How soon an item is shipped depends on the item, and you can always tell when to expect an item to ship by looking at the "Shipping" info under the Additional Information on the product detail page. Most off-the-shelf licensed items ship the next business day. Some licensed items ship directly from outside vendors and may take longer. Custom items are printed on demand and generally ship within 10 business days unless you choose one of the faster "Speed" options. Special Event Merchandise is licensed but printed by outside vendors and isn't even made until after the special event has concluded. The special event merchandise vendors generally make the products immediately after the event and ship it to us as soon as they can. We ship it to you the business day after we receive it. The whole process can take up to three weeks or longer but can sometimes take only a week. It just depends, and we're at the mercy of the vendor, the shipping companies, and sometimes even the weather. Again, when an item is shipped depends on the product, and you can find the shipping info for each product right on the product detail page next to the picture and price of the product.


Q2: Okay, so how long after it ships does it take to get to my house?

A2: Standard Shipping orders to the United States are sent via USPS (the good old United States Postal Service) and generally arrive within 2-3 business days. They're actually quite good at getting stuff where it needs to be on a timely basis. You can also choose Expedited Shipping (overnight, 2nd-day air, etc.) via UPS by choosing that option in the Shipping Options section of the Checkout page. You pick how fast you want it to travel the skyways and highways and you pay the rate that UPS charges for that service. Generally, unless you need it the next day or maybe guaranteed (by UPS) delivery on the second day, Standard Shipping via the USPS is your best bet.


Q3: What is Special Event Merchandise and what's different about it?

A3:Special Event Merchandise is anything that is made to commemorate some special event. These things are usually rivalry game t-shirts, big game victory and score t-shirts, or new jerseys when a player signs with a new team. Stuff like that. Special Event Merchandise vendors prepare to make these products before the event by ordering materials and preparing the art (thus the pictures on the site saying they'll be updated with the right scores and such), but they don't actually make the product until after the event. After all, if they could predict the scores of big games, they'd be living large in Vegas rather than making t-shirts. These items go on sale right after the event as they're being made. We don't have them in stock right away. The Special Event Merchandise vendors are very good at what they do, and they begin making the product right after the event concludes and ship our pre-order to us as soon as they can. When we get it, we check everything out and fulfill the orders, shipping them the next business day. Several things can go wrong in this process -- the stock t-shirt supplier can fail to send the special event vendor the shirts they need, weather can delay the shipping companies, the presses can go down, plagues, locusts, partially-filled orders, etc. So the entire process can sometimes take up to three weeks or more. We're at the mercy of all of these moving pieces and in control of only a small part of it. With all of those disclaimers, though, it usually happens faster than that, sometimes within a week when things are really going well.


Q4: Where's my stuff?

A4: Everything we ship has a tracking number, and that tracking number is sent to you via email when it is shipped. Most of these are USPS tracking numbers, but they can also be UPS or FedEx tracking numbers. Sometimes you'll get a tracking number that has been generated by the system but hasn't actually been scanned by a machine yet, so if you log in to track your package and all it says is "Electronic Shipping Info Received" and then some date, don't fret. Odds are it just hasn't been in the system long enough yet. And sometimes the tracking data can be hinky, too. We once sent 30 packages out through the Johnson City, TN post office, and the tracking data said they all went to Knoxville, came back to Johnson City, and were "out for delivery" in Johnson City even though none of the addresses in the system were in that zip code. Mysteriously, two days later all of the packages had been delivered to their proper destinations and all was well. The tracking system was just having a bad day. You can track USPS packages here, UPS packages here, and FedEx packages here.


Q5: Will the hoodie/jacket/shirt/hat I like fit me?

A5: If you have any questions about sizing, check out our sizing chart.


Q6: Why don't you have X school/team?

A6: It could be any number of reasons, all of them good, and none of them that we just don't like your team. We started in the fall of 2010 with one team and concluded the season with 9 teams. By August, 2011, we had the following 48 schools: Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Baylor, Boise State, BYU, Clemson, Connecticut, Duke, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Memphis, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Purdue, South Carolina, Stanford, Syracuse, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, UCF, Utah, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Some of them did well, and others did not. We did not rebuy the ones that did not. We did buy others, though, that we thought would do well. Some of those did, and some of them didn't. Therefore, which teams we stock is a bit of a moving target. Bottom line, if you want to see something in the store, please let us know at, and it will inform our purchasing decisions.


Q7: Don't I know you from somewhere?

A7: Maybe. Gameday Depot is an assumed name (a d/b/a) of Rocky Top Publishing, LLC ("RTP"), which has been active in the sports blogging and print media industries for many years. Joel Hollingsworth, Gameday Depot's Chief in Charge of Woo, formed RTP in 2007 after having been blogging about the Tennessee Volunteers for two years, first at View from Rocky Top and later (and currently) at the SB Nation Vol blog Rocky Top Talk. He also served as one of two college managers for SBN for several years and as Editor and then Publisher of an annual Tennessee Football preseason print magazine for several years. More about Joel.


Q8: Ohhhhhh. So you're a Vols fan? Why should I buy anything from you? Jerk.

A8: Heh. Yeah, it's true. I'm a Vols fan. But if you take a look at my now ten-year record of writing about the Vols, I think you'll see that I'm a pretty reasonable fan. Really, I like the Vols first, then the SEC, then just college football in general, and even when we get into it with our most bitter of rivals -- I'm looking at you, Alabama and Florida fans -- you'll see that every hate-filled barb delivered in your direction is delivered with a wink. To me, teasing rival fans is much of what makes sports fun, but when good-natured ribbing takes a turn for the ugly, I want no part of that. Life's too short. I've even written for Alabama and Florida publications. Don't just trust me on this. My Florida friend at Every Day Should Be Saturday, my Alabama friends at Roll Bama Roll, and my Georgia friends at Dawg Sports will vouch for me. Don't hate me because I pretend to hate you. ;-) Besides, we could cure all of that if your team would just stop beating mine.